Office Hours for Students
Please use this link to book an appointment for office hours. You will receive an approval of your request once I accepted the meeting.

About me

I am an assistant professor at California State University, Chico. Before joining Chico State, I was a project lead and research scientist at Siemens Corporation Corporate Technology. In SCCT, I worked in the topics of artificial intelligence and robotics in different research groups where I’ve been part of projects such as Support Generation of Additive Manufacturing Package for Siemens NX; Resilient Control of Distributed Ship Control Systems. I innovate and realize Siemens Agile Manufacturing System; and recently Autonomous Gantry Robot System as well as Autonomous Agricultural Production System. I was also leading a team of scientist to receive government grants which I was PI and Co-PI for a few of those.

During my graduate years at Rutgers University and Carnegie Mellon University, I was conducting research on flexible electronics, soft robotics, micro-manufacturing, as well as signal processing and prognostics for advanced manufacturing.

My current research interests and work are based on autonomy, robotics, artificial intelligence, and its applications for advanced manufacturing. Please see portfolio for more details of the past and recent projects.

Opportunities for Students

Full-time: You can email me to learn about the current opportunities and you: 1. want to be an expert in robotics and advanced manufacturing for their applications with artificial intelligence, 2. have an ambition in STEM or fundamental sciences, or 3. are a full-stack programming ninja or dedicated to be one, or 4. have valid GPA for undergraduate and graduate students of Chico State.

Internship: If you are a graduate student interested in an internship and/or getting more information about a project at Craftnetics or my research lab, please send (me) [] an email. Please add your resume with the details of current interests.